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Things To Ignore When Shopping For A Home

Things To Ignore When Shopping For A Home

Things To Ignore When Shopping For A Home

Things To Ignore When Shopping For A Home

The Good, the Bad and the Really Ugly

You might think that buyers and sellers, of real estate, follow the same line of thought for a new listing on the market…move in ready!  This is not the rule of thumb though, and sometimes the decision to forgo the purging, the minor decorating upgrades and the staging can be beneficial for the buyer.  We here at Stomp Realty Inc (416) 366-3033 can help you look past the obvious and see the potential.  We would like to offer a few points to keep in mind when you view a property.

Don’t Assume

This is an old saying and a very relevant one when it comes to real estate.  Sellers are not required to stage their property, they are not required to make repairs or to even clean their property when they list it.  When you are viewing a property online or in person you need to be prepared to see many different living styles.  It may be confusing to you but remember, they are living there.

Shabby but Chic?

Many properties listed can be the result of long-time owners wanting to downsize or a growing family needing more living space.  It can be a result of a job relocation or even a change in family status or one of many other situations.  With each of these conditions the frame of mind of the seller will no doubt contribute to the appearance of the property.  Your initial reaction is probably the exact same as most of the buyers that view the property and that can be beneficial to you.  A great layout or location can be overlooked because of a choice of colour.  That shag carpet in the dinning room and the larger-than-life floral wallpaper in the bathroom can be off-putting at first.  These are just cosmetic and can be changed to fit your personal taste before or after you move in.

Layout Irregularities

Not everyone uses their personal space the same.  People have different decorating styles as well as different needs for their day to day life.  A third bedroom used as a dressing room, or the dining room used as a playroom or a breakfast nook turned into a home office shouldn’t deter you from taking a closer look.  You may have found the perfect property, in the perfect location with the perfect layout so does it really matter that the hall closet is used to display all those bowling trophies.  The seller is leaving, and you are moving in and making it your space, always keep that in mind.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Many sellers are still living in their properties and even though they do try to minimize the standard clutter purging their lives of memories is very hard.  The ancestors hanging in the living room, and the stairwell full of diplomas will all be leaving with the seller.  It is, sometimes, hard to look past what you would consider clutter and see the potential, but it is an advantage to you if you do.  If you can keep from passing judgement and use the appearance as a template, you can offer the seller a price that is in line with tackling these minor changes.

Looking for the perfect property is always an intense time and being able to prioritize rather than react is sometimes the most important part.  A great real estate agent can help you look past the initial appearance, based on your predetermined requirements, and show you the possibilities.   We here at Stomp Realty Inc. (416) 366-3033 can help you in your search.

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