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Stomp Realty agents use the latest marketing techniques to sell homes

Stomp Realty agents use the latest marketing techniques to sell homes

Stomp Realty agents use the latest marketing techniques to sell homes

Stomp Realty agents use the latest marketing techniques to sell homes

Visual motivators in Real Estate sales have arguably become the best way to portray home virtues.  Such as through video. At Stomp Realty, we’ve fully acknowledged this and use video to give prospective condo and home buyers a rare and all-round virtual tour. Lasting only a few minutes, our highly detailed real estate videos convey a wealth of information quickly and effortlessly!

By viewing and connecting to spaces more interactively, you too can accurate feel of precise room size and other features. While less than 5% of real estate agents practice this, we are proudly among those who focus on the 73% video-motivated home buyers. To sell your property at a record speed, our real estate agents employ incentives such as:

Creating Video Walk-throughs

To bring out the best features in properties strewn across Toronto neighborhoods, we stage and hire experienced actors to portray a real-home atmosphere. Besides highlighting the exquisite amenities, our real estate films are aspirational and tailored for specific client niches. Within an instant, life inside these homes is beautifully presented. This new advertising mediums and technologies have attracted and retained many clients.

Below our Oshawa Real Estate agent, Shannon Russel, uses video to market a hidden gem in the Eastdale neighbourhood:

360-Degree Marketing

Having been around the real estate block for 2 decades, we know better than to rely on a single marketing channel. We equally appreciate the advances in technology as much as the conventional forms of reaching out such as referral systems and print marketing. Our main focus has been, however, on strategically gaining recognition through the latest online strategies to target specific neighborhoods in Toronto’s Real Estate market.

Social Media Reach-Out

Borrowing from our past experiences, Stomp Realty has aligned itself with the leading social media influencers in Toronto real estate. Our close collaboration has seen the build-up of strong profiles and consequently, consistent sales. Rather than waiting for years on end, we now have the capacity to reach out to multitudes of prospective buyers within the area of interest. Targeted advertising has proved worthy in targeting specific neighborhoods.

Using Google Analytics

Real estate is all about the right analytic; the analytics used by Stomp Realty go a long way in tracking all our progress and highlighting the weaknesses. These metrics are easily identifiable with related content, helping foster a comprehensible environment for lead generation. The average session rate, site visitors, and set goals all have to tally with the expected outcome. We work relentlessly to minimize bounce-rate through fresh and informative content publishing, call to actions and optimizing online visibility.

Renowned Experts in Our Niche

Across all fields, experts command a level of authority uncommon with newcomers. Our focus has slowly shifted to attracting buyers instead of prioritizing on the need to sell. This has come as a result of immense sacrifices and dedication to unmatched real estate agency services. We have, at individual capacities, set up invaluable content spanning all Toronto neighborhoods we have a specialized focus on.

We are always open to learning through purposeful investigations and solid contacts. We’ve exploited the right marketing channels using the right tools, a feat that has seen us attract sellers and buyers in equal measure. Regardless of your interest in Toronto real estate, you will be well represented and advised by us!

Let’s get started on a promising future! Contact us.

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