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Shop local at Bloor West Village

Shop local at Bloor West Village

Shop local at Bloor West Village

shop local
Shop local at Bloor West Village

Shop Local

Bloor West Village is a unique shopping district right on the subway line. Between Jane Street and Ellis Road are more than 400 shops, restaurants and service providers. Behind each quaint storefront is a story, and since 1970 the members of the Bloor West Village community have been working hard to tell their stories. By supporting local business owners, we can enjoy benefits that can only be found in a one-of-a-kind shop run by one-of-a-kind Torontonians.

Benefits of shopping local

1. Improve your family’s health – the farther your produce has to travel, the more likely it will have come in contact with pesticides and preservatives. By buying your produce at the Green Thumb Fruit Market and your meat from Bloor Meat Market, you can give your family whole, fresh food that is grown just around the corner.

2. Improve the local economy – Supporting local businesses doesn’t just sound good, it feels good too. When you support one small business, chances are they turn those profits around and support another small business.

3. Get to know the people behind the product – In Bloor West Village it truly is a place where everybody knows your name. Experience getting your morning coffee at Baka Gallery Café and see local artists’ work displayed on the walls. Find your next great read at Book City and discover the difference of a family-run operation that has been in the book business for four generations! The streets of Bloor West Village are filled with history – we want to share our stories with you.

4. Enjoy a unique experience every time you shop – Shopping local can mean so much more than just for groceries or home goods. Take in a show at The Village Playhouse, unwind at Moksha Yoga or treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind shopping trip at one of over 40 retailers. This village in the heart of Toronto is its own oasis – complete with entertainment, fashion, food and more.

5. Do what you love – It’s easier than ever to do what you love and love that you’re supporting local businesses while you do it. Maybe you have a special interest in cycling. Brown’s Sports & Cycle is the place for you. Maybe you’ve got a fantastic collection of sports cards and you’re always looking for more, Red Nails II has what you need. Or maybe you’re the board game champ and you need to visit Marlborough’s to see what they have in stock.
Whatever you’re into, we’re into it too.


Bloor West Village has been home to local businesses of all shapes and sizes. This is a thriving community that’s its own village within the city of Toronto. Come fall in love with Bloor West Village and become one of the people who call it home. Shopping locally is easy in BWV.

shop local

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