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Fall Home Maintenance

Fall Home Maintenance

Fall Home Maintenance

Fall Home Maintenance

Autumnal Maintenance

As we hold tight to the last days of summer and try to prolong that wonderful feeling, we cannot prevent what is coming next…winter is coming!  I know that is not what you want to think about as the days are bright and crisp and the smell of falling leaves and chimney smoke begin to waft on the breeze, but it is inevitable.  Now it the time to lay the foundation for the cold and bitter reality that is the Canadian winter, while you can still feel your fingers.  We here at Stomp Realty Inc (416) 366-3033 understand that a good pre-winter maintenance plan can be extremely advantageous to prevent avoidable damage.  We have put together a few tips to help you get ready before the flurries fly and we will start from the bottom and move upwards.

  • That rascally hose needs to be drained and coiled up for its long winters nap. It has served you well with the sprinkler and filling the pool but now it needs to rest, empty of water.  Make sure to unfasten the hose from the taps and to turn off the outside water to prevent pipes from freezing.  By taking the time to do this it will prevent cracking of the hose and possible burst pipes.  You will also be able to set up quickly for the next year.


  • Now that the hose is safely tucked away, it is time to empty, clean and store your pots and planters. If you have ceramic or plastic pots it is a good practice to empty the soil as the moisture can freeze and cause the soil to expand which could crack your pots…and no one wants a cracked pot!


  • As the cooler days prevail, we shudder to think of the trusty A/C unit becoming rusty and want to wrap it up snug as a bug in rolls of plastic…don’t do it! The urge to protect the unit by encapsulating it is more damaging than beneficial. Tightly wrapping the unit can cause corrosion as it will trap moisture and it is also a readymade winter nesting ground for rodents.  Place a good, sturdy piece of plywood, slightly larger than the top of the unit, over it to prevent falling snow, ice and critters from entering the unit.


  • Heading on up we encounter the doors and windows. It might be a great time to give them a good cleaning, this allows better lighting for the darker months.  You should also be armed with a good tube of silicone to seal cracks and prevent drafts and moisture from getting through.  Inspect the weather-stripping that is in place, hopefully, and replace it if necessary.


  • Almost to the top. The gutters should be cleared of all debris…and believe me there will be debris.  Organic matter can create a dam that can clog your eavestrough and force water up under your shingles creating water damage to your roof.  Hiring a professional is a good idea unless you are experienced with ladders.


  • Up on the rooftop. This is the time when shingles should be inspected to prevent winter damage as well as inspecting the rooftop vents.  Making sure that everything is clean and secure now will help to prevent expensive surprises later on.  This is also a good time to have a licensed chimney sweep in.  If you have thoughts of sitting by the fireplace enjoying a hot cider the last thing you need is a clogged chimney.  Not only is it unappealing but it is downright dangerous.


  • Speaking of heat, the furnace should be attended to before you actually need to turn it on. Now is the time to have it cleaned and checked out thoroughly so that on those frosty mornings you will not be let down.  A little maintenance goes a long way to preventing an unwelcomed breakdown in the sub-zero weather.

By taking advantage of the last of the summer weather to complete a little pre-winter home maintenance will help you stay nice and toasty when the cold winds of winter come calling.  Now, if you are looking for that perfect home to start honing your maintenance skills on, we can definitely help you with that.  Give us a call here at Stomp Realty Inc. (416) 366-3033 and let our professional and personable agents assist you.

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