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Downtown Toronto Living

Downtown Toronto Living

Downtown Toronto Living

Downtown Toronto Living

Draws to Living Downtown

Generation Z and Millennials are becoming the largest segment of homebuyers today.  They are bringing with them a renewed interest in being in the centre of everything and the best place for that is in the heart of Toronto.  The city that offers something for everyone.  This is the place to be.  If you are beginning a search for a home in the thriving metropolitan city of Toronto, we here at Stomp Realty Inc. (416) 366-3033 want to share with you a few important reasons to contemplate purchasing downtown.

Where the Action is

One of the largest attractions to living downtown is that you have, at your fingertips, all the urban conveniences you might want or need.  You have your employment, your favourite restaurants and nightclubs close to your home.  You can either enjoy a stroll along boutique-lined streets or use the ever-convenient public transit to reach your destination.

Unique Neighbourhoods

The downtown neighbourhoods are older than their younger suburban equals, and as a result are often steeped in a totally unique culture and history.  Whether you are looking for the ambiance of the Distillery District, the off-beat Kensington Market or the Bohemian flair of the Annex, the vibrant nature of the city has something for everyone!  Around the corner is another part of the world.

Thriving Areas

Many of the downtown neighbourhoods have experienced a welcomed revitalization.  This is a result of the influx of new energy being brought in by younger residents.  Taking advantage of fixer-uppers at lower possible price and this in turn supports local businesses.  New younger residents also bring with them the prospect of opening new businesses.  This is how neighbourhoods grow and thrive and become the next big thing.

Homes with Personality

Most suburban homes are new and beautiful, but they have also become known as the “cookie cutter” homes, they lack personality and individuality.   Downtown homes are older and have history and a quirkiness all their own.  They have remnants of a time gone by that are not found in the newer homes built today.  These lovely reminders of the past can add a touch of nostalgia to your new home.

Welcome One and All

With your new home being in the heart of the city, you will be the hot spot for friends and family to meet.  You will be close to the best restaurants, the theatre district, the hottest clubs and the best shopping.  A front row seat for all the festivals and festivities that the city has to offer.  You will have all that at your fingertips and the best part is you can walk home or hop on the public transit after a night on the town.

The Scenic View

For downtown homeowners the lights of the city will fill your days and night with entertainment.  If you are the type of person who enjoys action and adventure and entertainment, then follow the lights to the heart of the city.  They will light your way to a wonderful lifestyle.

As with any real estate quest the idea of searching for the perfect downtown home begins with research. We here at Stomp Realty Inc. (416) 366-3033 can help answer your many questions and aid you in your search for the perfect downtown home that will bring you close to the heart of it all.

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