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Buying a home with a pool

Buying a home with a pool

Buying a home with a pool

Buying a home with a pool

Everyone wants that perfect pool for the family to enjoy during the summer and this can be a priority when shopping for a new home. Just envisioning the neighbourhood pool parties, the quick dip to cool off or lounging away the hot days of summer can almost make it an emotional objective. There are so many reasons that can lend to buying a property with a pool, but you should also look to reasons why it would not be a good choice. How to wade through these pros and cons can be daunting but we here at Stomp Realty Inc (416) 366-3033 understand how emotional buying a new home can be and can help you by providing a few tips to consider.

Pool Inspection

You have found the perfect home and low and behold there is a perfect pool in the backyard. Just as you have an inspector look over your home you should have a certified pool company conduct a full inspection of the pool and the equipment. Water lines, pump pressure and the heater (if applicable) should all be in good, if not great, condition. There should be adequate safety features in place like fencing and pool covers. Pools age and they need to be looked after each year to ensure that they are in perfect running order.


Now that you know that the pool is in good running order you need to think about keeping it that way. You should look into the availability of a reputable pool maintenance company and find out exactly what is needed for maintenance and how much that is likely to cost. The yearly upkeep of a pool can make a large impact on your budget and you certainly do not want it to be a surprise. It is also important to maintain this asset for possible resale value.

Unexpected Costs

One of the unexpected costs of having an inground pool that isn’t an initial cost item is the cost of heating the pool yearly. You have a general idea of the yearly costs for running the household but to differentiate between the regular utilities and the added costs of running the pool is important.


You should take into consideration how much time would be needed to take care of the pool each year. In today’s society time is a valuable commodity and if you have a busy lifestyle with work and family commitments you may find that pool maintenance can eat up that precious time.


The most important aspect of having a pool, after the fun of course, is safety. Having the proper fencing and locks are not just a necessity they are required by law. Keeping pets and children safe is a major priority as well as unforeseen equipment issues. You should look into added insurance to cover any possible accidents with the equipment or otherwise.

Of course, this is just a sampling of the points to consider when looking at a property with a pool. The positives to have a wonderful backyard oasis are just as vast. The chance to enjoy your backyard and make family memories are what family life is all about. With a little forethought and careful attention to details, a pool can be a wonderful attribute to purchasing your new home.

Now that we have given you a few points to consider when homebuying for a property with a pool, the next step is to find an agent to help you find your perfect home. A great agent can help you find your perfect new home and following these tips can help you enjoy your new home and pool. Whether you are selling or purchasing, we here at Stomp Realty Inc. (416) 366-3033 can assist you with this process. Give us a call and let our professional and personable agents help you.

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