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Accommodating Neighbourhoods

Accommodating Neighbourhoods

Accommodating Neighbourhoods

Accommodating Neighbourhoods

Accommodating neighbourhoods can be one of the most important attractions to add appeal to a home.  A neighbourhood that includes certain features can be an enormously advantageous for both sellers and potential home buyers alike.  As they say, “location is everything”.  We here at Stomp Realty Inc (416) 366-3033 understand how to take your needs and match them with the perfect neighbourhood.

What exactly makes a neighbourhood so attractive, so appealing, so livable?  Of course, there are as many answers to that question as there are neighbourhoods.  What do you think the response that most homeowners would give to the question, “is your neighbourhood appealing?”   Most of the responses would be glowing as we all feel that our choice was the perfect one.   There is no one correct formula, but we are going to look at a few of the top features that mark a neighbourhood as appealing, preferred, as livable.

A preferred livable neighbourhood for a family would include good schools as well as libraries, recreational facilities and parks.  These would be necessary for a family to be able to cross of the list when looking for a new home.  A seller would want to include these attributes in their listings as it helps to appeal to potential home buyers who have families.

For the young couple or the zoomer couple who are looking to downsize and yet still want the comfortability of neighbourhood life, entertainment and nightlife a great well-rounded neighbourhood is on their list.  A property seller offering their condominium or home would want to list the local attractions to be appealing to these homebuyers.

Pride of ownership and crime rate are also major factors that renters or homebuyers are looking for.  These details may seem mundane, but they can easily discourage or encourage perusal of a particular property.  Having a neighbourhood that is well maintained by the property owners shows that they feel secure in their choice of residency.  This will reflect favourably for both potential sellers and buyers alike.

A great asset to any neighbourhood would include close and readily available access to healthcare.  This is as important to the young family as it is to the zoomer couple.  Having a doctor’s office, a health clinic, dentist and even a hospital in the neighbourhood is a great attraction.

One of the many important and attractive features of a well established and favourable neighbourhoods would be the proximity of shopping opportunities.  A well-placed shopping centre or downtown could be very advantageous for both the seller and the potential home buyer.

Every attractive neighbourhood hinges on the ability to traverse it.  To have access to public transportation can allow the zoomer to navigate easily and as well it allows the young couple the chance to only need one automobile.  This is can definitely be a great selling point.

Now that we have given you a few attributes of a well established, preferred and livable neighbourhood, the next step is to find an agent to help you find yours.  Whether you are selling or purchasing, we here at Stomp Realty Inc. (416) 366-3033 can assist you with this process.  Give us a call and let our professional and personable agents help you to find your perfect livable neighbourhood or to help list your exemplary neighbourhood to attract the perfect buyer.


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